April 2006

Happy Spring!?!? It's April now and it's been nothing but gray skies and too much rain! I'm not sure about you, but I'm taking advantage of this dreary weather by staying indoors and catching up on my scrapbooking!

We've introduced quite a few products in the last few months - of course I'm especially excited about the new wedding products, so without further ado, here they all are!

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New Host Gift
Going, going, gone...
New Products for February, March and April

New Album Options

With foil-less album covers and the flexibility of album coversets in new colors, you now have more customization options than ever before! In addition to the Persona Imprinting option, coversets allow you to personalize your albums further by choosing pages that best match your photo theme or preference.

New to the series are the Petal, Sky and Chocolate options. (The first four colors in this new album series are cobalt, ruby, forest and ebony). The new colors are available in 7 x 7, and 12 x 12 coversets, which allow you maximum flexibility in choosing which album pages to use!

The following albums are available while supplies last:

  • All 12 x 12 open-back albums
  • 12 x 12 Natural
  • 7 x 7 Promise

The following albums in all available sizes with the foil scroll border are available while supplies last (anticipated to be available through June 2006):

Black, Blush, Champagne, Cranberry, Evergreen, Mahogany, Navy, Plum, Sapphire, Tanzanite

GET TOGETHER HOST GIFT: Thanks To You! Action Pack

Our new Thanks To You! Action Pack Gift will appeal to all you album makers on the go, with:

  • 24 photo mats with adhesive backing. Each mat can be cut into 13 Short Cut shapes (grid printed on the back) for a total of 312 self-ahering shapes
  • An exclusive set of ABC/123 stcisk in Chocolate
  • A fine-tip pen

You can have this exclusive gift and earn Host Credits by simply having a few friends get together at your home for a Get Together. Call or email me to schedule a date (and to learn about additional host gifts).


The following products are in limited supply. If you want to order anything, please contact me as soon as possible.

Limited Edition:
Mickey & the Gang DoneWithOne, $6 (anticipated through 5/06)
Fairies & Frills Sticker pack, $3.50 (anticipated through 5/06)
12 X 12 Kaleidescope Eggplant Album, $44 (anticipated through July 2006)

While Supplies Last:
7 x 7 Doubledipz Album ($17)
7 x 7 Enchantment Coverset ($17)
Accessory Binder ($25)
Accessory Binder Dividers (Buy one, get one free - $6)
Photo Sharing Cards in Black or Natural ($6.75)
Pooh & Friends Combination Pack ($5.50)

Below are the great new products introduced in February 2006!

PicFolio Milestones Album in Black, $44

The 11 x 14 PicFolio Milestone Album features:

  • 16 shees/32 Story Sleeve pages that hold 160 photos and journaling boxes
  • A durable, black matte-leathered cover
  • Tan stain-resistant canase inside liners
  • Black Story Sleeve pages that are tested for durability and tear-resistance
  • A bookplate inserted into a sleeve on the first page to label the album theme or year
  • 32 tan title bars to label each two-page spread with stickers, pens or other enhancements.

The PicFolio Album was designed to be different from our other albums - it is non-expandable and the Story Sleeve pages make it easy for you to complete an album quickly and move onto the next album project!

PicFolio Minutes Album, $20

Like the PicFolio Milestones Album, the 6 x 7 PicFolio Minutes album is also designed to help you finish albums quickly and easily! Each page is sized for a single 4 x 6 photo (alone or matted) or Storybox journaling box. And the exclusive magnetic closure on the cover strap turns the album into an easel! Just lift the cover open, clasp the magnet from behind and the album's ready to be displayed on your desk, table or mantle! The album features:

  • 12 sheets/24 Story Sleeve pages to hold a total of 24 photos and journaling boxes
  • Durable, tan matte-leathered cover
  • Tan, stain-resistant canvas inside liners
  • Black Story Sleeves that are tested for durability and tear-resistance

I would recommend any of the Storybox Photo Mats & Journaling Boxes with either of the PicFolio albums! And as always, all PicFolio albums carries the same lifetime guarantee as all of the other Creative Memories Albums!

Below are the great new products introduced in March 2006!

12 x 12 Ever After Coverset, $32

The 12 x 12 Ever After Coverset is designed to preserve the wedding dreams and happy endings of your real life fairy-tales! The ivory bookcloth on the Ever After Coverset features a gold and silver swirl, creating a white gold appearance. Album pages are sold separately and Persona imprinting is only available on the spine.

Frosted Splits, $5.75

When we introduced Clear Photo Splits last year, you had a beautiful way of attaching vellum to white album pages. Unfortunately, if you were using clear photo splits with vellum on other colored pages, they weren't very clear. To address that problem, we now offer Frosted Splits, which can be used on ANY color album page and are nearly invisible!

Bubble Maker, $20

From sending the newlyweds off amidst a flurry of bubbles to a baby's first bubble bath, the new Bubble Maker breathes a little extra life into your pages! This is the first of our Shape Makers that's designed to focus on the "negative" image left after the cut, rather than using the paper shape that's cut out. Our Bubble Make features:

  • One 1 1/2" block bubble pattern of random bubbles (which can also be used with the Square Maker)
  • A bubble border pattern that can be used as an individual cutoff or to create a continuous border.
  • Side paper insertion (similar to the Micro Makers), making it easy for users to keep sliding their paper to make a continuous pattern for a border.
  • Translucent tinted buttons that have the bubble design texture on each button, making it easier to identify which shape is generated.

Memorabilia Pockets, $5

Brides want to remember special pieces of the wedding day and now they can! The Memorabilia Pockets come in three sizes, are made of clear polypropylene and feature photo-safe adhesive.

The three sizes hold a variety of memorabilia items like snippets of fabric used in a wedding, dried flower petals, notes/letters and small newspaper clippings and more! The adhesive is already aplied to the back of the pocket and the adhesive flap will keep your special items safe inside the pocket. This pack contains:

  • Two small pockets (2 x 2)
  • Two medium pockets (2 x 4)
  • One large pocket (3.5 x 4)

Top Row: Wedding Glimpses DoneWithOne ($6), Once Upon A Wedding
Album Kit ($15), Wedding Bliss Stickers ($5.50)
Bottom Row: I Do Album Kit ($10), Expressions of...Love ($6)
and Everyday Elegance Vellum ($6)

Wedding Glimpses DoneWithOne
After the last toast is given and the last photo taken, this new Wedding
Glimpses DoneWithOne will help you record special moments and memories from your
wedding day. The 22 die-cut shapes provide easy and quick enhancements for several
page layouts. The Wedding Glimpses DoneWithOne features:

  • Two DoneWithOne sheets, each featuring 11 shapes per 10 x 12 sheet
  • A new artwork style using actual photography with a subtle filter
    as to not distract from your own photos
  • Icons such as candles, rings, flowers, piano keys, cake and decorations
  • An idea sheet.

Once Upon a Wedding Album Kit
The Once Upon a Wedding Album Kit highlights how a couple met, fell in love
became engaged, planned the wedding and so on. The nine chapter starters
in this kit contain various journaling prompts that can be used to tell a different
part of each love stories and can be used as a backdrop on a 12 x 12
album page or they can be easily be cut apart and featured in any size
album. The Wedding Kit contains:

  • Nine sheets of Perfect Fit double-dipped chapter starters
  • Six sheets of Perfect Fit Paper with the Venetian plaster design
    with the Short Cuts grid on the back
  • Two sheets of perforated journaling boxes
  • Six sheets of 10 x 12 printed paper in two designs
  • An booklet with 32 pages of layout ideas

Wedding Bliss Stickers
The neutral, soft colors of the Wedding Bliss Stickers provide a timeless look for
wedding enhancements. Whether it's a heritage wedding or a current-day celebration,
these icons can be used for any kind of wedding album. The sticker pack contains:

  • One Great Length sticker strip
  • Three Block sticker sheets
  • Five studio sticker strips
  • Idea insert

I Do! Album Kit
This colorful and lively album kit has all the right pieces to tell the story of
your special memories. The variety of both large and small sticker icons provides
quick page enhancements and brings a fun and playful spirit to any album page.
The album kit contains:

  • Two Jumbo Great Length sticker sheets feature wedding icons
  • Eight sheets of Perfect Fit Paper featuring four watercolor
    designs with the Short Cuts grid on the back
  • Ten journaling cards double dipped with journaling prompts on
    one side and blank journaling boxes on the other
  • An eight-page booklet showing layout ideas

Expressions of...Love
Anyone with lots of photos can appreciate speed tools to help tell their stories
of love. The new Expressions of...Love vellum accents contain 30 pre-cut printed
chiffon vellum pieces in two different sizes featuring titles, poems and quotes
expressing all types of love. The vellum piece are packages in a unique
polypropylene envelope. Perfect for engagements, weddings,
anniversaries, bridal showers and more!

Everyday Elegance Vellum Paper Pack
The Everyday Elegance Vellum Paper Pack contains 6 sheets of vellum
(2 sheets each of 3 designs). The subtle designs complement our other wedding
collection products (below) and are versatile enough to be used with every photo
from the engagement to the reception (they are great for prom pictures too!).
The photo-safe vellum can be layered over paper and photos for unique
effects -- try it together with our new frosted splits.

Page Patterns Spring 2006 (left) and Color Confidence Spring 2006 (right)
(each are $5.50)

The new layouts in the Page Patterns Spring 2006 Edition will help
spark your creativity and help you get your pages done in no time! Layout ideas
are divided into the following categories: family, baby boy, baby girl,
birthday child, birthday adult, heritage, Christmas, New Year's, celebration,
vacation, youth and borders!

Color coordination means speed and versatility. So our papers, pens and
ABC/123 stickers were designed to coordinate and work together. Now we've
taken the next step. Introducing Color Confidence, which is a new teaching
tool that shows you how to create layouts based on the color wheel.
This new systems takes the guesswork out of coordinating colors, making it
easier than ever to create beautiful layouts!

Brand new products available starting April 2006!

Top Row: 12 x 12 Disney Coverset ($32), Mickey Classics Album Kit ($10)
Bottom Row: Disney Magic Maker ($20), Adventures of Pooh
Album Kit ($6)

I am so excited that we are releasing all these great Disney-themed
products! From vacations to birthdaysm these new products are going
to fit in a lot of album-making plans! The new 12 x 12 Disney coverset has a
special printed lined and a classic Mickey design and makes a perfect companion
album to the 7 x 7 Disney album (not pictured). Combine that with the Mickey Classics
Album Kit which contains 10 sheets of Perfect Fit paper along with journaling boxes,
two block sticker sheets and an idea booklet. Or make that album "friendlier
with Pooh" by using the Adventures of Pooh Album Kit, which contains four sheets
of Perfect Fit paper, 2 sheets of 10 x 12 paper, two block sticker sheets and
three studio sticker strips. And last but not least, the Disney Magic Maker,
which makes the Sparkle & Mickey silhouettes, can be used to make borders too!

7 X 7 Ever After Coverset, $17

The gold and silver swirl design of the 7 x 7 Ever After Coverset is designed for beautiful photos of a wedding, anniversary or other special occasions. This album is a great size for a mother's brag book, bridesmaids' gift, guest book, etc. The neutral shade of cream matches any color page refills.

Note that Persona imprinting is only available on the spine of this and the 12 x 12 Ever After Coversets.

11 x 14 PicFolio Milestone Album
in Cream ($44)

As with the Black PicFolio Milestone Album released earlier this year, the cream album features:

  • 16 shees/32 Story Sleeve pages that hold 160 photos and journaling boxes
  • A durable, cream matte-leathered cover
  • Tan stain-resistant canase inside liners
  • Black Story Sleeve pages that are tested for durability and tear-resistance
  • A cream bookplate inserted into a sleeve on the first page to label the album theme or year
  • 32 cream title bars to label each two-page spread with stickers, pens or other enhancements.

This PicFolio Milestones Album in cream is perfect for wedding proofs, candid photos, extra photos, as well as baby photos too!

Did you know....

That Creative Memories offers an imprinting service for your albums? You can imprint a design, personalized text or both on your albums!

All designs are created by our team of in-house illustrators and range from
baby to love and from celebration to general themes. I'm sure you will find
one that adds the perfect personal touch to either enhance or identify
your album. And when it comes to text choice, your options are virtually
endless. You can truly personalize your message by providing a quote,
a loved one's name or a message to that special someone.

Here are some (but certainly not all) of the latest designs!

View all foil designs and font options at the Persona Imprinting web site. There,
you can also create a virtual personalized album using Persona Imprinting's exclusive Album Designer, which offers you the opportunity to view your album before ordering.

© 2006 Kimberly Lau. All images are the property of
Creative Memories and are used by permission granted to consultants.