January 2006

Happy New Year!! Hope that this latest edition of my CM newsletter finds you well and that your holidays were happy and joyful!! I apologize for being tardy in sending this newsletter - a lot has happened since my September newsletter...namely, getting engaged! After the initial shock wore off, I created a 7x7 album of my engagement so my fiancè's family could share in the memories! They thoroughly enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it though probably not as well as much as I enjoyed getting proposed to!

We've introduced quite a few products since my last update, so without further ado, here they all are!

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New Host Gift
Going, going, gone...
New Products for October, December and January

New Album Options

With foil-less album covers and the flexibility of album coversets in new colors, you now have more customization options than ever before! In addition to the Persona Imprinting option, coversets allow you to personalize your albums further by choosing pages that best match your photo theme or preference.

The first four colors in the updated album series are cobalt, ruby, forest and ebony - available in 4 sizes with beautiful, foil-free bookcloth colors. The sizes are 7 x 7, 8 1/2 x 11, 12 x 12 and 12 x 15 for complete albums and 7 x 7 and 12 x 12 for coversets.

The following albums are available while supplies last:

  • All 12 x 12 open-back albums
  • 12 x 12 Natural
  • 7 x 7 Promise

The following albums in all available sizes with the foil scroll border are available while supplies last (anticipated to be available through June 2006):

Black, Blush, Champagne, Cranberry, Evergreen, Mahogany, Navy, Plum, Sapphire, Tanzanite

Additional colors for the new coversets will be rolled out in the coming months (I'm anxious for the Sky album as I need to make a baby album for my nephew), so stay tuned!

GET TOGETHER HOST GIFT: Thanks To You! Fresh Cuts Templates
(Sorry, picture unavailable)

The new Fresh Cuts Templates Thanks To You! Gift lets you shake up your style by staying inside the lines. These four sturdy templates feature different styles and patterns, along with an eight-page booklet filled with page layout ideas and other ways to use the templates.

You can have this exclusive gift and earn Host Credits by simply having a few friends get together at your home for a Get Together.

Call or email me to schedule a date (and to learn about additional host gifts).


The following products are in limited supply. If you want to order anything, please contact me as soon as possible.

Limited Edition:
7x7 Disney Album, $25 (thru Sept. 2005)
Frosty Prints Paper Pack, $6 (thru Sept. 2005)
Garden Illusions Paper Pack, $6 (thru Sept. 2005)
Magic of Disney Snap Pack, $13.50 (thru Sept. 2005)
Northern Tranquility Paper Pack, $6 (thru Oct. 2005)
Rockin' Rainbow Paper Pack, $6 (thru Oct. 2005)
Asian Miyabi Paper Pack, $6 (thru Nov. 2005)
Coffeehouse Paper Pack, $6 (thru Nov. 2005)
Asian Miyabi Stickers, $5.50 (thu Nov. 2005)

While Supplies Last:
7x7 Rosebud Album, $25
Fast Formulas, 4th Edition, $10
Pumpkin Spice Paper Pack, $6
Many paper packs are also being retired (like Pastel, Rainbow, etc.), $6

Below are the great new products introduced in October 2005!

Neutral Short Cuts, $7

Earlier last fall, the new Short Cuts Warm and Cool packs opened up a huge range of color-coordinated layout options. Now it's time to multiply those options by adding these soft, comfortable colors to the mix.

The new Short Cuts Neutral Pack includes seven sheets of D Series solid milled 10 x 12 paper, each a different color taken from the Shades of Color Paper Packs. Each sheet contains 13 die-cut pieces:

  • two 1 1/2 x 12" strips
  • two 3/8 x 12" strips
  • one 6 1/2 x 4 1/4" photo mat
  • three 3/4 x 3/4" accent squares
  • two 1 1/8 x 7" strips
  • one 4 x 3 3/4" journaling square
  • two 4 x 4" triangles

Classy Sampler Paper Pack, $6

This paper pack is designed especially for those of you who are newer to scrapbooking or to Creative Memories and offers a sampling of the beautiful colors in the Shades of Color Paper Packs. It is perfect for getting started with a variety of colors.

The Classy Sampler Paper pack features 12 sheets (1 sheet of each color) of D Series solid milled paper.

12 x 12 Ever After Coverset ($32) and 7 x 7 Enchantment Coverset ($17)
(Album pages sold separately)

Capture the feelings of the holiday season (or weddings!) with the 12 x 12 Ever After coverset. Our newest limited-edition holiday album features a gold and silver swirl creating a white gold appearance on the cover of the album. The ivory bookcloth makes this album a great home for holiday photos and other special occasions such as weddings, retirements or anniversaries.

The lily pad bookcloth and the gold and silver swirl design on the limited edition 7 x 7 Enchantment coverset inspire feelings of happiness and joy all by themselves! It's the perfect size for photos of a holiday concert, formal winter dance or family traditions such as baking cookies or decorating the tree with ornaments. It also makes a perfect twin set paired with the 12 x 12 Ever After coverset or any Snap Pack.

Holiday Splendor Stickers (left) & Jumbo Great Length Holiday Sparkle Stickers (right)
($5.50 and $4.50 respectively)

The Holiday Splendor Sticker pack features holiday designs, Santa themes, a
Christmas tree and ornaments, a wreath, candles, stockings, cookies, gifts and
more! This pack includes one Great Length sticker strip, three block sticker
sheets and five studio sticker strips.

Silver metallic foil accents add a beautiful sparkle to the new Jumbo Great Length Holiday Sparkle sdtickers! This sticker pack includes winter- and Christmas-themed stickers and icons such as snowmen, snowflakes, trees, stars and gifts.

**Idea** - Pair these two sticker packs with the 7 x 7 Enchantment coverset and the Jewel 7 x 7 Snap pack for a quick and easy way to recap the holidays!

Below are the great new products introduced in December 2005!

Kaleidescope: Alpine, $7

The new 12 x 12 Kaleidescope Album in Alpine brings a cool, blue conclusion to this exciting series of limited edition albums. This limited edition album:

  • features a beautiful, vibrant new blue bookcloth color
  • features the dynamic Arctic image on our enameled medallion
  • has an exclusive custom-printed spargo liner on the inside that coordinates with the medallion
  • includes 15 sheets/30 White Scrapbook Pages

While the blue is the perfect icy shade for winter albums, consider other uses - travel, holiday, special occasions, baby, family and commemorative events.

Kaleidescope: Arctic, $3.50

With the medallion on the Kaleidescope Alpine album as the inspiration, the Kaleidescope Arctic Sticker Pack has complementing designs and color schemes that tie the album and sticker duo together. This limited-edition stick pack includes:

  • two full, die-cut sticker sheets cut into strips, squares and triangles
  • one sticker sheet featuring the Arctic medallion design
  • one sheet of coordinating sticker strips

Storybox North Shore Photo Mats & Journaling Boxes, $10

The new Storybox North Shore Photo Mats & Journaling Boxes is the 5th offering in the Storybox series. The cool tones of these papers combine perfectly with the Kaleidescope Alpine album and Arctic Sticker pack. This Storybox...

  • features 80 4 1/2 x 6 12 sheets of P Series printed paper
  • include eight new colors: treeline, lobster, lighthouse, boardwalk, harbor, clam shell, flint and boulder
  • come in a portable, reuseable carrying box made of photo-safe polypropylene
  • include border and journalknig box ideas on the insert sheet

Calendar Paper, $6/6 sheets
(Fridge Frame not included)

A calendar is a perfect tool to show the passage of time in almost any themed album. Our new Calendar paper...

  • comes in 7 1/2 x 10 1/2" sheets designed to work in our 12 x 12, 12 x 15 or 8 1/2 x 11" albums
  • features a versatile spargo color that blends with any page color
  • is printed with a subtle, gray grid pattern that can be enhanced to match the style of almost any album
  • is printed with 1 1/2" squares on one side and 1" rectangles on the other - makeing the Square Maker a perfect compliment
  • includes 6 sheets of P Series paper
  • includes page layout ideas

Page Patterns Winter 2005 (left) and Color Confidence Winter 2005 (right)
(each are $5.50)

The new layouts in the Page Patterns Winter 2005 Edition will help spark your creativity and help you get your pages done in no time! Layout ideas are divided into the following categories: family, baby boy, baby girl, birthday child, birthday adult, heritage, Christmas, New Year's, celebration, vacation, youth and borders!

Color coordination means speed and versatility. So our papers, pens and ABC/123 stickers were designed to coordinate and work together. Now we've taken the next step. Introducing Color Confidence, which is a new teaching tool that shows you how to create layouts based on the color wheel. This new systems takes the guesswork out of coordinating colors, making it easier than ever to create beautiful layouts!

Brande new products available starting January 2006!

Top Row: Jumbo Great Length Sticker packs in
Best Wishes, Formal Affair and Party Time ($4.50 each)
Bottom Row: DoneWithOne in Best Wishes, Formal Affair
and Party Time ($3.50 each)

Best Wishes, Formal Affair and Party Time are each available in a coordinating Jumbo Great Lengths Sticker Pack and a DoneWithOne printed die-cut sheet. Whether you are celebrating elegant affairs or birthday parties, you'll have an option that'll fit the occasion! These icons and patterns are versatile enough to be used for events ranging from formal dances to everyday celebrations.

Jumbo Great Length Stickers feature: DoneWithOne Sheets feature:
  • one strip of celebration stickers
  • one strip of patterned and word stickers
  • one 10x12 DoneWithOne printed die-cut sheet
  • one 10x12 sheet of coordinating printed paper

Delicate Days Limited Edition
Album Kit , $6

Give springtime events a fresh look with this new limited-edition Delicate Days Album Kit. The fresh and delicate watercolor artwork gives album pages a soft, spring feeling! The Delicate Days Album Kit includes...

  • 4 studio sticker strips
  • 2 block sticker sheets
  • 3 printed journaling boxes
  • one sheet of exclusive Classy Mini ABC/123 Stickers in buttercup

Primary 7x7 Snap Pack ($10)

New to the Snap Pack family is the Primary Snap Pack! This Snap Pack is great for Back-to-School albums, children's albums, but also any album page that needs a splash of color! The included booklet features page layout ideas to help you complete an entire 7x7 Sentiments Album in as little as two hours! Each Snap Pack includes sticker strips/sheets, printed photo mats, die-cut shapes and a layout booklet for completing a 7x7 album. You can also combine the Snap Pack with coordinating stickers and papers to help you complete your 8 1/2x11 or 12x12 page layouts too!


Did you know....

That Creative Memories offers an imprinting service for your albums? You can imprint a design, personalized text or both on your albums!

All designs are created by our team of in-house illustrators and range from baby to love and from celebration to general themes. I'm sure you will find one that adds the perfect personal touch to either enhance or identify your album. And when it comes to text choice, your options are virtually endless. You can truly personalize your message by providing a quote, a loved one's name or a message to that special someone.

Here are some (but certainly not all) of the latest designs!

View all foil designs and font options at the Persona Imprinting web site. There you can also create a virtual personalized album using Persona Imprinting's exclusive Album Designer, which offers you the opportunity to view your album before ordering.

© 2006 Kimberly Lau. All images are the property of
Creative Memories and are used by permission granted to consultants.