Spring 2008

I know, it's been an eternity since you've seen one of these from me, but 2006 and 2007 were crazy years! I got married in the fall of 2006 and in 2007, I spent most of my time training for a Half Ironman triathlon. Of course, I have wonderful pictures to commemorate both events and have been busy trying to get them into albums. But enough about me....There is some wonderful news in the Creative Memories world -- which is that CM is moving to a true 12x12 and 8x8 album/page sizes! That's right! So why the change? Now you can flip a piece of paper, and because the page and the paper are truly square, it will fit in any direction on your page! And, with this sizing change, you can now fit two 4 x 6 photos horizontally on your page - no cropping needed.

And the first new products to take advantage of this are our Power Palette offerings with four brand new palette options - all available with true 12 x 12 or 8 x 8 sizing! Pick from Primary, Jewel, Earthy or Pastel. Each palette is versatile enough to fit almost any project (see below for more details)

We've introduced quite a few products in the last few months - of course I'm especially excited about the new wedding products, so without further ado, here they all are!

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New Products for March

New Album Options

12x12 coverset - $25, 8x8 coverset - $18

The first of our new 12x12 and 8x8 true sizing albums are here! Blue, Chocolate, Green, Ebony, Cobalt & Ruby! Those of you who have used CM products know that this is a change for us so there may be some questions about this new sizing change, so I'm here to help give you some answers!

Q: Can you explain the move to the 12x12 size?
A: True 12x12 sizing is the industry standard and moving to this is going to make life easier for you! The square format allows papers to be flipped in any direction and you'll never have to worry about creating a Perfect Fit page with the paper facing the wrong direction.

Q: How long will I be able to purchase previously sized refills, papers and albums?
A: The transition period is going to be very comfortable -- pages and page protectors will be available for the next 18 months. Other papers will slowly be transitioned over the next 6 months.

Q: Will the previous size pages fit in the new albums?
A: Current 12x12 pages can be placed in the new coversets but new pages cannot be placed in the old coversets. So if you have old coversets, be sure to have enough pages in the old size so you can complete your pages!

Q: What other album colors will be available?
A: The other colors that will be introduced in the coming months are lavender, tan, and pine.


Just invite a few friends for a Get Together at your home and you’ll earn 15 percent of your total event sales in free products of your choice when the Get Together sales are $250 or more! Start making your guest list and your wish list now! Call or email me to schedule a date (and to learn about other available host gifts).


Unable to host a Get Together, but love buying Creative Memories Products? There's a rewards program for you too! For every $250 spent in product (not including sales tax, shipping, etc.), earn a free Memory Keepers Club (MKC) product! These products are NOT for sale and are exclusive to Memory Keepers Club participants! Past MKC products include the Fancy Square Maker, PicFolio Mini Album set, Mini Moments, Mini Everyday Display and more!


The following products are in limited supply. If you want to order anything, please contact me as soon as possible.

While Supplies Last:
Journaltopia Writing Tool ($8)
Candy Cane Paper Album Kit ($15)
NegCare Envelopes ($8)
Blue/Green Power Sort Box and Mini Power Sort Box ($35 and $12 respectively)
Power Palette Idea Booklets, Volume 1 and 2 ($5 each)

Below are the great new products introduced in March 2008!
(This is in addition to the new albums above)

Earthy Power Palette System, Jewel Power Palette System, Pastel Power Palette System, Primary Power Palette System ($40.50 each)

Power Palette Systems
We now have two sizes of the Power Palette System to fit our two new album sizes. Pictured above are for the 12x12 system but the 8x8 system is very similar. Both sizes of the Power Palette System are coordinating collections of decorative supplies, papers, stickers, and titles galore!

The 12x12 system ($40.50) contains:

  • 16 sheets of 12x12, double-sided Designer Prints paper
  • 16 sheets of 12x12 double-sided Tone-on-Tone paper
  • 96 pieces of Storybox Photo Mats & Journaling Boxes
  • 4 sheets of Clear Title Stickers (English only)
  • 3 sheets of Design Stickers
  • 1 32-page Idea Booklet (English only)

The 8x8 system ($17.50) contains:

  • 24 printed sheets of 8x8, double-sided paper
  • 24 double-sided photo mats
  • 2 sheets of title stickers
  • 3 sheets of assorted themed stickers
  • 1 Idea book showing a completed 8 x 8 album

Don't need everything in the Power Palette System? Need more of something in the system? All of those are available individually as well (for the 12" size only)! You can buy any of the following separately (I've shown the various elements from the Pastels Power Palette System):

Top row: Designer Prints Paper ($11), Tone-on-Tone paper ($11), Storybox Journaling Boxes ($10.50)
Bottom Row: Designs I, II or III Stickers ($2.50 each)

Paper Album Kits for Her and Him ($15 each)

These Paper Album Kits are easy to use and even quicker to finish! And the final product will be a lavish mini photo album with NO cutting required! The "For Her" and "For Him" Paper Album Kits are perfect for staying in touch with far-away family and friends or for the upcoming Mother's or Father's Day. We even include an envelope to make it easy to mail!

Included in the Album Kits are:

  • 6.5 x 6.5" paper album
  • 6 interior white pages (12 sides)
  • 14 sheets of double-sided paper in 4 designs
  • 1 sheet of epoxy stickers
  • 1 sheet of clear title stickers
  • 1 sheet of die-cut flourishes
  • 1 square white mailing envelope

Expressions of Her and Expressions of Him Vellum Accents ($7 each)

Accent your pages with black-text quotes, poems and titles on clear vellum. Ideal for journaling prompts and decorative enhancements. They work well with the Paper Album Kits above as well! Both sets features 30 quotes and sayings in multiple sizes. (Tip: Frosted splits are perfect for adding vellum to your pages because they don't show through.)

Top Row: Earthly Milestones Album Kit, Jewel Milestones Album Kit
Bottom Row: Pastel Milestons Album Kit, Primary Milestones Album Kit ($12 each)

I absolutely love the PicFolio Albums when I need a quick and easy way to create albums without worrying about placement and page designs -- and these Milestone Album Kits are one of the best ways you can spruce up your PicFolio pages! A PicFolio Album and a coordinating album kit also make great gifts for friends or family who always say "I love your albums but I just don't have the time/energy/creativity to do this" or the perennial "I'm just not craftsy like you" :-)

In addition to these Milestone Album Kits, there are also other great kits like the Pink & Blue Milestones Kit (perfect for Easter picts as well as the obvious baby boy and baby girl albums), the Celebration Milestones Kit (for anything you want to celebrate, including completing an album!), and the Everyday Milestones Kit (for your every day memories) and more!

Tearing Tool $10

You can now add texture to your projects with the Tearing Tool!
This easy-to-use tool provides you with two different edge patterns
and produces tears that look natural.

Album Identification Charm in Gold & Silver ($10 each)

An Album Identification Charm is a beautiful way to identify or distinguish between albums of the same color or size on your bookshelf. While they were specifically created for PicFolio Albums, these charms can be used with any type of album. Simply cut a picture or title a piece of paper and slide it in the charm. Tip: Use our Square Maker to cut a 1-inch square to slide in the charm!

Did you know....

That Creative Memories also offers digital scrapbooking? Your camera, memory cards and computer hard drives have become the new shoebox for memories. Get those photos out storage and let them see the light of day! Creative Memories can help you convert those pixels to products. Check out our fun and easy solutions and start enjoying your photos again.

Need to organize your digital images? Memory Manager software lets you find, catalog and print your images with a few clicks. From the creation of digital images to the completion of keepsake albums, this software ($39.95) is a one-of-a-kind tool specially created for the album-maker. (Windows only) In addition to organizing my photos, I love using Memory Manage to help me with PicFolio Album layout -- just drag and drop and you can figure out your layouts in no time!

Want to make beautiful photo books in a snap? Our digital artwork is so beautiful and our StoryBook Creator Software is so easy, you’ll have a stunning book to share in no time. StoryBook Creator Plus makes it easy to create your original StoryBook photobook page by page, with a dazzling array of decorative details at your command. Here are your options:

  1. Use predesigned pages and simply drag and drop your photos into place and add your journaling
  2. Edit predesigned pages by moving, resizing, adding or deleting page elements, changing background colors, and more!
  3. Start with a blank page and use Digital Power Palettes (digital versions of our Power Palette papers and stickers), Kits or Additions to create your own look
  4. Ready for more options? Purchase and download StoryBook Creator Plus software conveniently from your computer and get started today!
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