1999 Emmy Award Winner for Outstanding Miniseries!

Huddled against the biting wind of a January gale, a thin young man sits miserably in the stern of a small boat battling its way across the churning waters of Spithead Bay. It is 1793, and Horatio Hornblower (Ioan Griffud) is reporting to duty aboard the battleship Justinian...

The swashbuckling saga of the legendary sea-faring hero comes to life in these epic films based on C.S. Forester's classic novels. Set against the bloody backdrop of the Napoleonic wars, HORNBLOWER charts a course for high adventure, following the raw recruit as he battles the French, evades capture, and rises through the ranks of the King's Navy.

DVD extras include a glossary of nautical terms & definitions, a C.S. Forester biography, the Making of Horatio Hornblower (includes cast interviews), and England's Royal Warships with Edward Windsor, an extraordinary 50-minute tour of Lord Nelson's legendary flagship, The HMS Victory, and the vessels that will carry the navy into the future.